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MEMORI-net - Mental and Motor Rehabilitation Network of stroke is a cross-border Italy-Slovenia project, that aims to delineate new common clinical standardised protocols for the rehabilitation of stroke patients with a new Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Care Strategy. In particular, the project will implement the criteria for the evaluation of the deficit in stroke patients and will design new integrated cognitive and motor rehabilitation strategies. An ICT platform will facilitate the cooperation between institutions, stakeholders, and families, also with dedicated training initiatives. 


On Thursday 25th October 2018, the MEMORI-net consortium organizes the IV project meeting, reserved to the Partners of the project, in Bibione. More details...

On Friday 26th October 2018, the MEMORI-net consortium organizes a medical professionals' event "CEREBRAL STROKE: The MEMORI-net project and the new rehabilitation perspectives" in Bibione. More details...

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