Medical professional

MEMORI-net involves medical doctors, specialized personnel experts in the field of the rehabilitation and scientists that are in close contact with the clinical needs of stroke patients. Moreover, the results the project are directed to the authorities of the health agencies of the transborder region to activate new policies for the integrated motor and cognitive rehabilitation.

This section includes educational materials (documents, papers, videolectures, and so on) translated in diffent languages (Italian, Slovenian, and eventually English) and targeted to medical professionals. In particular, the videolectures are subtitled and translated in different languages. Instructions to use them are available here.

Finally, to facilitate the communication and the final operation for the amelioration of patients managed in the cross-border region, please see the MEMORI-net ICT platform. The link will be available as soon as possible.

Experience modulates motor imagery-based brain activity [Reserch report]

Sarah N. Kraeutner, Sean R. McWhinney, Jack P. Solomon, Lori Dithurbide, Shaun G. Boe
First published: 07 March 2018 in European Journal of Neuroscience - doi:10.1111/ejn.13900

Abstract. Whether or not brain activation during motor imagery (MI), the mental rehearsal of movement, is modulated by experience (i.e. skilled performance, achieved through long-term practice) remains unclear. Specifically, MI is generally associated with diffuse activation patterns that closely resemble novice physical performance, which may be attributable to a lack of experience with the task being imagined vs. being a distinguishing feature of MI. We sought to examine ...

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MEMORI-net platform for data collection [Specification document]

Authors: Sara Marceglia, Roberto Prandin (Summary: D. Gubiani)
Date: April 23rd, 2018

The platform aims at collecting the clinical data during the application of the rehabilitation protocol established by the clinical panel of MEMORI-net. The Platform will be used in the different clinical centers involved in the MEMORI-net project during the protocol validation phase. The clinicians involved in MEMORI-net will use the Platform both as reference for protocol compliance and for allowing the collection of data. ...

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