26th October 2018 - Cerebral stroke: MEMORI-net and the new rehabilitation perspectives - Medical Professionals’ Event

"Cerebral stroke: MEMORI-net and the new rehabilitation perspectives"

On Friday 26th October 2018, at Bibione Thermae, the MEMORI-net consortium organized a medical professionals' event focused on the new rehabilitation perspectives in the context of the cerebral stroke. Great interest and involvement of the participants during the event.


During the morning, six theoretical talks presented the following topics:

First Session: Neurobiological aspects
(moderators: Prof. Manganotti; Dr. Bazzano)
B. Rojc Ischemic Stroke: Clinical and Therapeutic Implications
Dr. Rojc
download slides: slides B. Rojc
E. Tongiorgi Neurobiological Markers of Post-Stroke Rehabilitation
Prof. Tongiorgi
download slides: slides E. Tongiorgi
Second Session: Neuromotor aspects
(moderators: Dr. Lucangeli; Dr. Bonzi)
A. Lucangeli Assessment and rehabilitation of motor deficit in ischemic stroke
Dr. A. Lucangeli
download slides: slides A. Lucangeli
P.P. Battaglini Neuromotor rehabilitation by Neurofeedback
Prof. Battaglini
download slides: slides P.P. Battaglini
Third Session: Neurocognitive aspects
(moderators: Prof. Rumiati; Dr. D'Anna)
G. Galli Neuropsychological assessment in patients with stroke
Dr. Galli
download slides: slides G. Galli
A. Lunardelli Neurocognitive rehabilitation in patients with stroke
Dr. Lunardelli
download slides: slides E. Lunardelli

During the afternoon, five training schools (working groups) involved the partecipants:

1. The clinical assessment of the patient
- Neurological scales (EON, NIH, Barthel, Pain, Allodynia - Dr. Baldi)
- Cognitive scales (Dr. Galli)
- Motor scales (Dr. Montagner)
work group 1
2. A new App for the Rehabilitation of Executive Functions
(Dr. Lunardelli)
work group 2
3. Neurofeedback
(Dr. Jarmolowska, Miladinovic, Colussi)
work group 3
4. The ICT Platform: innovation, functioning, output and data transmission
(Dr. Marceglia)
work group 4
5. Muscle stimulation
work group 5