VideoLecture [Cerebral stroke]: Rehabilitation of Cognitive Disorders after Stroke (Dr. A. Lunardelli)

title: Rehabilitation of Cognitive Disorders after Stroke
speaker: Alberta Lunardelli (ASUITS)
at Cerebral stroke: MEMORI-net and the new rehabilitation perspectives
Speaking language: English (Subtitles: English, Italian, and Slovenian)

Dr. Alberta Lunardelli (Azienda Sanitaria Universitaria Integrata di Trieste, associated partner) presents the cognitive rehabilitation, that represents an integral component of Stroke neuro-rehabilitation. With the aim of maximizing spontaneous recovery from brain injury, specific tools or techniques can be implemented in order to restore or improve damaged cognitive functions.
MeMori-net Cognitive approach focuses on specific cognitive processes with the goal of improving the underlying cognitive impairment. Because executive disorders are increasingly being recognized as a recurring consequence of strokes, the new APPs will offer a complete set of exercises to promote the activity of fronto-parietal circuits and the recovery of the Central Executive Network.