14th June 2019 - Ictus ischemico: come riconoscerlo e come intervenire - Patients, relatives, and caregives' events

"Ischemic stroke: how to recognize it and how to intervene"

On Friday 14th June 2019, the Azienda ULSS 4 - Veneto Orientale organized a thematic day (Italian event) for patients, relatives, caregivers, and open to all people, entitled “Ischemic stroke: how to recognize it and how to intervene. The experience of the MEMORI-net project” (the original title: “Ictus ischemico: come riconoscerlo e come intervenire. L’esperienza del progetto MEMORI-net”). It is organized with the support of the Association of Amici del Cuore and the Ne.Po. Onlus.


During the afternoon, four theoretical talks presented the following topics:

Galli What is stroke?
(original title: Sai cos'è l'ictus?)
dr. D'Amore
download slides (ITA): slides D'Amore
Baldi Ischemic stroke: how to recognize it immediately to intervene quickly
(original title: Ictus ischemico: come riconoscerlo subito per intervenire rapidamente)
dr. Baldi
download slides (ITA): slides Baldi
d'Amore Rehabilitation in patients with cerebral stroke outcomes
(original title: La riabilitazione nel paziente con esiti di ictus cerebrale)
dr. Dalla Nora
download slides (ITA): slides Dalla Nora
Galli The experience MEMORI-net
(original title: L'esperienza del progetto MEMORI-net)
dr. Galli
download slides (ITA): slides Galli

In the following some photos of the event:

photo 1 photo 2
photo 3 photo 4