Introduction to the ITC Platform MEMORI-net

To facilitate the communication and the final operation for the amelioration of patients managed in the cross-border region, MEMORI-net developed an ICT platform.

The complete manual aims to help the operator in using the ICT platform for data collection within the MEMORI-net project and it is available to the users directly into the platform. This page aims to show most important functionalities available into the platform to collect the data during the clinical experimental protocol proposed by MEMORI-net.


Each center has its own account, plus two testing accounts. In the authentication page, by inserting the credentials of the center, the operator can access the page containing the list of all the patients enrolled in the center.


Once logged in, in each page it is possible to select the desired language by clicking on the flag corresponding to Italian or Slovenian language. To the right of flags (on the right in the navbar), it is possible to disconnect from the platform, which will happen automatically after one hour of inactivity.



By clicking on the "Nuovo paziente/Nov bolnik" in the navbar, it is possible to choose whether to register a new patient or to enroll one already registered in another structure.

Clicking on "Registrazione nuovo paziente/Registracija novega pacienta" the registration page will be accessed. Different fields has to be filled in: gender, height (cm), weight (kg), ... The only mandatory field is the type of Randomization (once selected "manual" and defined a group of treatment, this field can be modified after T1 step). Two very important data to fill in are the "Years of Education" and the "Age at the time of the episode" which are used for the automatic calculation of the correct score, the equivalent score, the Z score and other modified scores in cognitive tests. Once the registration form has been submitted, the patient will be registered and the unique patient code, that will uniquely identify him/her during the entire rehabilitation protocol, will be generated.
Patient's data can be changed/updated at any time during the protocol, by clicking the "update information" button at the bottom right of the page.

patient_ita patient_slo

If a patient has already been registered in another center, in order to view his/her data and continue the rehabilitation protocol, it is necessary to enroll him/her by selecting the "Arruolamento paziente/Vpis pacienta". The patient code will be asked and, once inserted, he/she will appear in the list and it will be possible to manage the data.

arruolamento itaarruolamento slo

The "Lista Pazienti/Seznam pacientov" consists of 4 columns. "Paziente/Pacient" is the unique patient code and clicking on it, you will access patient's management page (next section). "Download" allows one to print or save a .pdf file containing patient's medical record, with its data and the results of each test performed in each step up to that moment. The "Timeline" gives a graphical representation of the progress of the rehabilitation protocol: if the step is red, it means that no test has been performed yet for that step; if it is yellow it means that at least one test has been performed (the date of execution of the first test is displayed on top and considered as the starting date of the specific phase); if the color is green it means that the step has been completed (with its completion date). Finally, "Status" is active if still performing rehabilitation, non active if he/she has completed the rehabilitation protocol or if he/she was withdrawn

list ita list slo


Clicking on the patient code in the list of patients, the user can deal with rehabilitation data of the patient. The big central "Timeline" contains the 5 steps with the same color code as in the patient’s list.

management ita management slo

To access a phase, click on it. Only green or yellow phases can be selected. At the beginning it will be possible to click only on T0 (once T0 is completed, T1 can be accessed and so on). Clicking on the step will open a menu with the various categories of tests: cognitive, motor, clinic, pain, biomarker. Each category will contain a series of tests.

step 2

Clicking on the name of the test the corresponding page will be loaded. For each test it is possible to enter scores, notes (if required), values and data. The system provides a control check on the data inserted, according to the known limits and constraints. Following images show some examples of data.

example 1 example 2 example 3


Only for NeuroFeedBack (NFB) treatment group, for each rehab week the number of sessions can be inserted with the final status of the entire week (success/failure).

nfb ita nfb slo

Cognitive Mobile App

One part of the cognitive rehabilitation consists in performing exercises using the mobile APP MEMORI-net for Android devices. Within the platform, from "Risultati esercizi App mobile/Rizultati nalog v mobilni aplikaciji", it is possible to view and download the results of every exercise, for every rehab session.

app app