VideoLecture [Cerebral stroke]: Neurobiological markers of post-stroke rehabilitation (Prof. E. Tongiorgi)

title: Neurobiological markers of post-stroke rehabilitation
speaker: Enrico Tongiorgi (UniTS)
at Cerebral stroke: MEMORI-net and the new rehabilitation perspectives
Speaking language: English (Subtitles: English, Italian, and Slovenian)

Prof. E. Tongiorgi (coordinator of the project MEMORI-net, University of Trieste, lead partner) presents the current knowledge of the neurobiological markers in post stroke rehabilitation. From a general overview, he introduces different studies about biomarkersin stroke. In this context, there is no agreement among medical scientists and basic scientists, and there are no reliable and accepted biomarkers. He concludes by describing the activities currently under development in the MEMORI-net project: “We would like through this project to do our part in trying to validating these molecules which are still under the investigation, but we hope, they will become promising biomarkers to know and to improve our treatment of the patients with stroke.”

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