VideoLecture [Cerebral stroke]: Neuromotor rehabilitation by neurofeedback (Prof. P.P. Battaglini)

Title: Neuromotor rehabilitation by neurofeedback
Speaker: Pier Paolo Battaglini (UniTS)
at Cerebral stroke: MEMORI-net and the new rehabilitation perspectives
Speaking language: English (Subtitles: English, Italian, and Slovenian)

In order to produce movements, it is fundamental the connection between the brain and the muscles. Prof. Battaglini (Università degli Studi di Trieste, Italy (Lead partner, LP)) describes as the brain computer interface and neurofeedback can be used to when, for any disruption, there is no way to regain communication between them, at least by the medical point of view. In this context, the project MEMORI-net is studying the neurofeedback reverse the effect of hand immobilization.