VideoLecture [Cerebral stroke]: Neuropsychological assessment of patients with stroke (Dr. G. Galli)

title: Neuropsychological assessment in patients with stroke
speaker: Giulia Galli (USLL4 Veneto Orientale)
at Cerebral stroke: MEMORI-net and the new rehabilitation perspectives
Speaking language: English (Subtitles: English, Italian, and Slovenian)

Dr. Giulia Galli (Azienda USLL4 - Veneto Orientale, Portogruaro, Italy, PP2) starts with a general introduction to the founding principles of neuropsychological evaluation. She doesn't focus only on the objectives of a good evaluation and on the selection of the tests, but she also analyzes the aspects related to the patient's clinical and personal history, the assessment setting and the therapist-patient relationship.
Then, she focuses on the innovative approach of MEMORI-net, describing some aspects of the project, the tests we selected and the reasons that led us to focus on the assessment of executive functions, to combine the common needs between clinical and research.